Massage Therapy

Helping You & Your Horse Move Freely

Reduced Pain Means Better PERFORMANCE!

Massage Techniques

Massage therapy breaks up tightness and adhesions in the body’s muscle and connective tissues; tendons and ligaments. This increases blood flow into the tissues flushing out waste and toxins while rushing in nutrients and oxygen to heal. The tight muscle, resulting in reduced pain, increased range of motion and better performance, not to mention a happier attitude.

With training in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Work, Cranial Sacral and Lymphatic Drainage, I have many tools at my finger tips to comprehensively treat you and your horse.

Is Your Horse in Pain?

There are many signs of a horse experiencing pain… Shifting weight from one hind leg to another while standing. Excessive tail wringing or swishing. Stiffness coming out of the stall or just starting under saddle. Cranky behavior in a normally sweet horse. Reluctance to perform his job (stopping at jumps, resisting collection, swapping leads).

Quick attention to his discomfort will shorten recovery time. Performance Massage Therapy will work with you to schedule a convenient time and place. Contact us!

Have a Horse? Will Travel!

While I do have an office for human massage, for some silly reason my building owner frowns on horses coming into his building. I travel to your stable for treatments.  I also travel to local shows on request if I’m not already working at them. Look for my Performance Massage Therapy tent! I generally will travel within an hour of my base in Renton. Further travel requires an additional charge, please call for details

Performance Thoroughbred Sales

“My goal with Performance Thoroughbred Sales is to source quality horses coming off the racetrack and making them ready to start their fabulous sport horse career.”

Kristi L. Zimbelman

WA MA0021630  OR 023355
CA #75931

A 2005 graduate of the Brian Utting School of Massage, Kristi has been in private practice for 14 years in Bellevue, WA focusing on injury treatment and chronic stress relief. With over 1000 hours of study including: Anatomy, Kinesiology, Pathology, Physiology and 300 hours spent hands-on in the school’s student clinic, Kristi has a firm knowledge of how human and equine bodies work and how massage therapy can help heal them.

Kristi holds additional certifications in Large Animal Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage techniques to give me many options for treating humans and horses. The addition of her Avant L30-Z cold laser broadens her ability to treat humans and animals. New for 2020 is the addition of her FEI PET credentials: Federation Equestrian International Permitted Equine Therapist. 

Her lifelong passion for horses started at the age of 6 when she took her first lesson. 13 years in 4-H provided a solid foundation for riding both English and Western and safely handling all horses. She has competed with and worked in A rated Hunter/Jumper barns in the Seattle area and ridden in clinics with Greg Best, Geoff Teal and Nancy Free. As a teen Kristi and her twin Kathi trained and showed when they could with Bob Woodington and Dina Happy. Kristi feels fortunate to have ridden in one of Dina’s last clinics.   Currently, her passion for Thoroughbreds has led to developing them off-the-race-track for new sport horse careers.

“After a racing career and several years ponying at the track, my event horse Chance was lacking range of motion on his right side and having difficulty picking up his right lead. Two massage sessions showed remarkable improvement. Chance was more comfortable moving to the right at the trot and easily picked up his right lead.”

Braiden Ludtka

“Kristi is a compassionate, thorough equine massage therapist. Kristi doesn’t rush through her work; she is committed to the horse’s complete pain relief. She has worked on two of my horses, and I could immediately tell the difference in how they moved under saddle. One horse has TMJ and within two massage sessions, his inflammation was quelled and he was willing and able to work in the bridle again.”

Brenda Jacroux
Chez Jacroux

“Daily sports massage at the Oregon High Desert Classic helped Maestro’s neck stay flexible and supple through a busy week of showing in several divisions. We were Reserve Champion!”

Emily Reams

“I have been a horse owner and rider for almost 40 years in the hunter jumper discipline. I don’t just let anyone work on my horses. I feel very comfortable working with Kristi because she listens to me with issues affecting my horse’s performance and overall health. She also takes her time to determine if there are any other areas of concern  that might need to be addressed. I always feel we are working together as a team. My horse now recognizes Kristi and relaxes during his sessions with her.  After a massage my horse moves & jumps amazing!”

*Side note:  I met Amy when we were teenagers. My sister and I would trailer over from Ellensburg to Central Park Stables in Kirkland to take lessons. It’s awesome to reconnect with Amy and several other girls from that time period, and see that we all still have horses.

Amy C.

“As a fellow equestrian, I highly recommend Kristi’s massage therapy for yourself and your horse.

Kristi worked on a horse I leased last summer who was short-strided on his left hind, stiff in both shoulders and showed overall tightness in all major muscle groups.

Within a few sessions, Corona showed huge improvements! His stride opened up, he turned easier after jumps and seemed to be happy to go to work each day.

Seeing the changes in this horse, I began therapy with Kristi. I have had poor posture for most of my life along with scoliosis in my upper spine. These are exaggerated when mounted on a tall horse! Again within a few sessions, my posture in the saddle and off improved immensely. I actually got compliments from my trainer on my position which has never happened before! I feel my shoulders are more flexible enabling me to move better while riding.

Its been very helpful to have a massage therapist who also rides. She understands what riding can do to the body and with her therapy, I plan on riding for a very long time!”

Kathy H.

“Kristi is magic with both humans and horses! She gives fantastic equine massages and, with her laser therapy, has greatly assisted in the healing of several injuries. She has also done wonders opening up my shoulders! I would highly recommend her services.”

Cassie M. 

Kristi has been working on my Thoroughbred race horses for years. She is extremely good at what she does. Her descriptive summary of her work on each horse provides us with additional knowledge of any weak or sore points.  She takes a personal interest in each horse which is thoroughly appreciated by our barn team. Plus, Kristi has been an invaluable resource in helping our barn find second careers for our horses once they retire from racing.
Highly recommend!!!!
Jody Peetz, One Horse Will Do Corp

“Kristi has been a game-changer when it comes to making sure our horses feel their best for competition. Not only is Kristi talented and proven in her effectiveness, but she is also supportive and communicative in the way she handles her business. Whether it’s after a competition or long trailer ride to a show, I always fee the positive benefits of Kristi’s work. I am very grateful my horses have her on our team. Thank you Kristi!”

Kevin Winkel, Owner/Head Trainer KW Showjumping

“Kristi keeps my horses, myself and my trainers all in top form. I love that she is always acquiring new knowledge that allows her to provide better care. She is passionate about her work and she keeps my horses competing at their best. She really makes a difference.” 

Nancy Shurtleff